‘I am very pleased with Michelle’s coaching sessions. I felt genuinely heard and I got the feeling that Michelle really looked at who I am as a person, and which approach would be most suitable for me. She tried to find what works for me, and continued from there on. She really looked at what I needed, and how she could help me to get there. The coaching track gave me lots of useful insights’.

Rogier/ 23 years

‘I would definitely recommend Michelle, as she is calm by nature and didn’t give value judgements in our conversations’.

Did you achieve your goals?

‘Definitely, it helped me to find a new job during our track!

Gabriella/ 31 years

‘Michelle inspired confidence from the start, I felt comfortable talking to her and that continued for each session that we had. She is a good listener, she challenged me by asking questions and giving me directions instead of straight answers. Without judgement and with the sole intention of making you think and choose the solution that is right for the situation, not the easy way out. Coaching helped me to release my old mindset, and to change my emotional stage’.

Ioanna/ 28 years

‘Michelle is a very pleasant coach! She has a warm personality and quickly found the root of the problem. Through our conversations and exercises I have gained interesting insights. In addition, Michelle has provided me with the right tools. I have achieved good results in a short amount of time’.

Derek/ 24 years